Case Studies

3D Design,Manufacture and programing of vision inspection fixture for automotive assembly line

We designed a semi-automated (Manual load Unload) tabletop fixture to inspect for the correct manual insertion and connection of 3 LCD ribbon connectors, with program control for 3 separate models with different spacing between each connector point.  we designed a developed an inspection system using a pallet system to accommodate each of the 3 variants and inbuilt product identification and selection using induction sensors for each pallet.

We used a servo drive and a Keyence vision system to identify each connector giving the operator a Go/No-Go indicator as the system identified and passed/ Failed each connection.  If there was a failed connection the operator was given a 2nd opportunity to reconnect the connection manually.

 This was designed and manufactured  and delivered in under  4 weeks for use on the manufacturing floor.


Example of Semi Automated Assembely



 Process and product consultancy with a startup company 

we have provided consultancy services for a small Irish start up in a range of areas including the following areas 

  • 2d patient drawings 
  • Drawings an completion of community registered design 
  • Product costings estimation
  • lean process development of product production to improve manufacturing process 

 3D Design of custom benches for  use in laboratory

Working to our customers brief we designed and modeled a number of custom desks with under desk storage for components and Jig's and fixtures.


Lab bench 1 

Lab bench 2